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Just another pretty face
Society is a mass hallucination... Everything is only a matter of perspective. People think that because they live in cities and shit into toilets that they are civil. I lived in a small town growing up, I had dreams about moving to the big city. Boy, was I a foolish little girl. I craved civilization, I yearned for human connection, but what I have discovered is this; the more people you put together the less civil everyone becomes.

Humans are animals. We are animals with egos. Nothing more. We like to tell ourselves that we are better than animals, that we have a purpose, that we were made in the image of God... But according to who? The only thing you know for sure, is that you are real. You have no proof of anything else. And when you really think about it, and I mean, really really think about it, are YOU even real? How do you know?

What is real to you, may not be real to me. It's a matter of perspective. For example; some people believe in paranormal activity, such as ghost, Others believe in aliens, Religion, and so on and so fourth. Our belief in these things makes them true. Our minds are so powerful that we can bring things into existence. If you believe in something hard enough you can make it happen. This is not wishful thinking, this is a fact.

Money is not a real thing. Money is an idea. It is a mass hallucination. An idea that we have shared and made real. At one point, the idea of money was a good thing. It was a simple way to make things easier for us. To keep track of things. But as the hallucination spread, much like the game telephone, money became something terrible and perverted. It no longer serves as a way to help us, but now enslaves us.

But why? I mean, money only has power because we put it there. You cannot eat cash, but you can't buy food without it? How in the fuck does this make sense to people? When I say these things, if I ask these questions, everyone thinks I must be crazy. Or worse, you are in agreement with me, but do nothing about it. Because as long as we play this game, as long as we see what THEY want us to see, money is the most real thing in the world.

Society is a bad trip... Something my father said has stuck with me. "Your doing your own damage, boy!" This is what he told my husband when we needed rescuing from some demon mushrooms hahaha.

My husband and I decided we were going to trip out. Me, being a psychonaut, decided we should eat the whole eighth. So, naturally shit hit the fan and he started wigging out. Now, I don't know if you've ever been on a bad trip, but a bad trip is no laughing matter. Until you come down anyway, then it makes for a funny story.
My father comes to the rescue, because I just cannot calm my poor hubby down. To make things worse, as an empath, I can FEEL what hubby is going through. Now I'm on a bad trip too. Dad sits us down with some cartoons, and gives us cookies and orange juice. He says everything is going to be ok. And just like that, it was. While hubby is freaking out, convinced that we are going to die, my father says to him "your doing your own damage, boy!" What he meant, was everything is fine, he was in his head, freaking himself out. What hubby was feeling was real... To him. It was true. To him.

I see crazy people on the street taking to themselves. To us, there is nothing there, but to them, there is something. Who's to say that isn't real? What if their minds have unlocked another dimension?
I mean, there are some people who refuse to believe the holocaust happened. They refuse to believe that the holocaust happened because it did not happen to them, they did not go through it.

I used to get so mad when I would hear things like that. I mean, how dare you! How dare you discredit something so terrible that happened to someone, just because you didn't experience it. But now I understand. I do not get mad at those people anymore... In fact, they may even be onto something.

Just because it's written down and people agree it happen, doesn't necessarily make it true. I mean, our books change. Why do we get new text books every year, with the same stories written slightly different? I mean, if it was truth, wouldn't it just stay to same? How do we trust anything we are taught when our schools are run by money?

How much of the things we are thought is truth and how much is bull shit? Who is to decide what is real and what isn't? The answer is YOU. You get to decide what stories are truth and what stories are false. The only truth in the world is math. Which is super fucking lame, because I suck at math. All the world is, is a series of math equations. Even in nature there is a thing called fibonacci. Yup, that's more math, and even the bugs are doing it.

What if everyone is right, and everyone is wrong at the same time? Every single culture has a religion of some sort. Even atheist believe in something, because believing in NOTHING is still something. Science is its own religion and so on and so fourth. What if everyone is believing in the same God the same demons, but with different names? Like I say demons, you say aliens, but really they are the same creature? I think that the harder we try to understand it, the more complex we make this life, and that's where our religions come from. Religion is evil and it teaches us to hate. Wars are fought and people are killed over it. If religion was of God we would not fight and hate each other. Because God is love. God is simple. God is good.

Religion is the devil. The devil is distraction. The devil confuses us and makes us angry, and sad. Why do we think to ourselves "what a stupid jerk" when we see someone fly off the deep in and kill a bunch of people. Because we can see the stupidity in the violence. We can step back and see the whole picture. But what about the killers perspective? Maybe the killer did it because he was convinced it was the right thing to do. Religion has the power to confuse people so badly that they are able to kill for it...

Without religion we are just animals. No better than the cockroach you stamped out. I mean, what is it that separates us from any wild beast? It's not society, because humans are the most disgusting, and un-civil creates on the planet. What separates us from the animals, is that we defy our instincts. We are the only ones that refuse to accept that we are animals, so we throw tantrums and destroy the world we live in, just to prove that we are not animals.

This is crazy! We are all fucking crazy! Look around. The world is simple and good. The earth provides everything we need to live happy lives. The world is balanced. Animals live in harmony and do not need our help. We come along and fuck everything up.

Look at American history. It is absolutely terrible when you think about it. America starts off as this beautiful paradise where the Native Americans and the animals live in harmony off the land. They are in tuned with the land and spirit of the universe. Then people trying to escape the evil of religion come on over. Instead of making a religion free land, like they set out to do, they brought their sickness with them. Convinced, that they were more civil and the Indians were too animalistic and barbaric, they slaughtered them and created the America we know and love today...

Except no one loves us. In fact, America is probably the most ass backward place in the world. We claim we are the free folk... Hahahahaha, yeah, that's me laughing hysterically at the idea of freedom. I look around the world, and realize, there is no freedom. Not as long as we have a society. Freedom is a state of mind. The world is a trap. We are all stuck here. We are all scared children that have no clue. Some of us think we have a clue. Those are the ones you need to watch out for. Those are the ones who see the strings. They are the THEY. The evil that is inside us all. We make THEM real, and we are them. Every time you look out for number one, you are the THEY, you are the one pulling the strings. Some people just have a stronger grip on the strings than others.

We are all connected. We are all puppets. We are all slaves. There is no freedom. There is only death. And even then, will we actually be free? Or will will just be recycled back into another existence?  


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